Chan Sok Park

Chan Sok Park

Assistant Professor - Religious Studies, Classical Studies, Middle Eastern & North African Studies

Office: Kauke 003
Phone: 330-263-2057

Courses Taught

  • [FYSM 10100] First-Year Seminar: Debating the Good book
  • [FYSM 10100] First-Year Seminar: History of Christmas
  • [RELS 12000] Introduction to Biblical Studies
  • [RELS 12002] The New Testament
  • [RELS 22500] Jesus in History and Tradition
  • [RELS 23900] Global Christianity
  • [RELS 26732] Race, Gender, and Class in Biblical Interpretation
  • [RELS 26735] The Bible and Contemporary Issues 
  • [RELS 26738] The Hebrew Scriptures in Judaism and Christianity
  • [RELS 26942] The Bible and Popular Culture
  • [RELS 40100] Junior Independent Study
  • [RELS 45100, 45200] Senior Independent Study
  • [GREK 20100] Seminar in Greek Literature (Intermediate Level I)
  • [GREK 30100] Seminar in Greek Literature (Advanced Level I)

Research and Teaching Interests

New Testament (Gospel Studies and Johannine Literature); Second Temple Judaism; Early Christianity (Jewish-Christian Relations, Moral Discourse, Ritual Practices, Discourses of Orthodoxy and Heresy); History of Biblical Interpretation (Cultural and Racial/Ethnic Interpretations and Receptions of the Bible); Theory and Method in the Study of Religion (Religious Violence, Ritual studies, Canon and Canonicity); Global Christianity (Asian and Asian American Christianities).