Gregory C. Wiles

Greg Wiles

Schoolroy Chair of Natural Resources, Professor - Earth Sciences, Archaeology

Office: Scovel 119
Phone: 330-263-2298


  • B.A., Beloit College 1984
  • M.S., SUNY-Binghamton 1988
  • Ph.D., University at Buffalo 1992

Courses Taught

  • GEOL 110: Environmental Geology
  • GEOL 210: Climate Change
  • Gemorphology and Environmental Hydrogeology

I.S. Projects

  • Madeline Happ 2016, Investigating Blue Light Intensity in Tree Rings to Generate High-Sensitivity Summer Temperature Records for Southern Alaska.
  • Gunderson, Jeffrey, 2017, Modeling Glacier Mass Balance and Glacial Dating in Alaska
  • Deck, Clara, 2017, Permafrost carbon stocks in ice wedge polygons in Barrow (Utqiaġvik), Alaska and large-scale climate implications 

Awards and Professional Memberships

  • Adjunct Associate Research Scientist Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory 1996-present
    Contributing author to Chapter 6 (Paleoclimate) of the Working Group I, IPCC Fourth Assessment Report, 2007.
  • Member of the Geological Society of America, American Geophysical Union, American Quaternary Association, and the Tree Ring Society
  • Associate Editor, Tree Ring Research (2002-present)

Publications (Recent)

*Wooster students

  • Deck*, C., Wiles, G., Frederick*, S., Matskovsky, V., Kuderina,  T.,  D’Arrigo,  R., Solomina,  O., and Wiesenberg, N. 2017, Climate response of larch and birch forests across an elevation transect and hemisphere-wide comparisons, Kamchatka Peninsula, Russian Far East. Forests 8(9): 315. doi:10.3390/f8090315
  • Wilson, R, Rosanne D'Arrigo, Laia Andreu-Hayles, Rose Oelkers, Greg Wiles, Kevin Anchukaitis, and Nicole Davi, 2017, Blue Intensity based experiments for reconstructing North Pacific temperatures along the Gulf of Alaska: Clim. Past Discuss., doi:10.5194/cp-2017-26.
  • Anchukaitis, K.J., R. Wilson, K. Briffa, U. Büntgen, E.R. Cook, R.D. D’Arrigo, N. Davi, J. Esper, D. Frank, B. Gunnarson, G. Hegerl, S. Helama, S. Klesse, P.J. Krusic, H. Linderholm, V. Myglan, T. J. Osborn, Z. Peng, M. Rydval, L. Schneider, A. Schurer, G. Wiles and E. Zorita, 2017, Last millennium Northern Hemisphere summer temperatures from tree rings: Part II: spatially resolved reconstructions, Quaternary Science Reviews, Quaternary Science Reviews 134: 1-18, JQSR-D-16-00439R1.
  • Carlson, A., Kilmer, L., J. Stoner, Wiles, G., Starr*, K., Walczak, M., Colgan, W., Reyes, A., Leydet, D., Hatfield, R. 2017, Unprecedented recent retreat of Columbia Glacier, Alaska relative to the last millennium: Geology, doi:10.1130/G38479.1.
  • Solomina, O.N., Bradley, R.S., Jomelli, v., Geirsdottir, A., Kaufman, D.S., Koch, J., McKay, N.P., Masiokas, M., Miller, G., Nesje, A., Nicolussi, K., Owen, L.A., Wanner, H., Nesje, A., Wiles, G.C., 2016, Glacier fluctuations during the past 2000 years: Quaternary Science Reviews JQSR- D-15-00298R2.  
  • Horton*, J., Wiles, G. Lawson, D., Appleton*, S., Wilch*, J., and Wiesenberg, N., 2016, Tree Ring Dated Glacial History for the First Millennium CE, Casement Glacier and Adams Inlet, Glacier Bay, Alaska, USA: Arctic, Antarctic and Alpine Research, DOI: http//
  • Wiles, G.C., D'Arrigo, R.D., Barclay, D., Wilson, Jarvis*, S. K., Vargo*, L., Frank, D., 2014, Surface air temperature variability for the Gulf of Alaska over the past 1200 years: The Holocene, DOI: 10.1177/0959683613516815.
  • Wiles, G.C., Solomina, O., D'Arrigo, R.D., Anchukaitis , K., Gensiarovsky, Y. and Wiesenberg, N., 2014, Reconstructed Summer Temperatures over the Last 400 Years Based on Larch Ring Widths: Sakhalin Island, Russian Far East: Climate Dynamics, DOI:10.1007/s00382-014-2209-2. 
  • D'Arrigo R, Davi N, Jacoby G, Wilson R, Wiles G. 2014, Dendroclimatic Studies: Tree Growth and Climate Change in Northern Forests. AGU Monograph (Book), Wiley, ISBN: 978-1-118-84872-2.
  • Rakovan, M , Rech, J., Nekola, J., Pigati, J., and Wiles, G., 2013, An evaluation of Mesodonand other larger terrestrial gastropod shells for dating late Holocene and historic alluvium in the Midwestern, USA: Geomorphology, p. 47-56.
  • Jarvis*, S. K., Wiles, G.C., Appleton*, S.N., D'Arrigo, R.D. and Lawson, D.E., 2013, A warming-induced biome shift detected in tree growth of Mountain Hemlock (Tsuga mertensiana (Bong.) Carrière) along the Gulf of Alaska. Arctic, Antarctic and Alpine Research 45, DOI 10.1657/1938-4246-45.2. 
  • Malcomb*, N.L. and Wiles, G.C., 2013, Tree-ring based reconstructions of North American glacier mass balance through the Little Ice Age. Quaternary Research,

Teaching Philosophy

Problem-solving and experiential learning through field and lab studies.


Dr. Wiles’s primary research interests are in glacial geology, climate change and tree-ring analysis. Recent projects have been funded by that National Science Foundation, the National Geographic Society and the Keck Geology Consortium.