Isaac Scher

Isaac Scher

Senior Intern

Department/Affiliation: Office of Admissions
Phone: 330-263-2322


Portland, Maine



Independent Study Topic

Investigating the nature of disagreement (especially in the political realm) with an eye toward how parties in dispute might come to understandings with one another.

Junior Independent Study Topic

Understanding Political Disagreement

Other Research

I worked as a Sophomore Research Assistant with the Department of Philosophy to research late philosopher O.K. Bouwsma’s unpublished works in order to create a complete index for the University of Texas at Austin. My responsibilities included (i) reading decades worth of Bouwsma's personal philosophy journals and (ii) analyzing, transcribing, and digitizing all important philosophical concepts, theories and other relevant information in said works.

Activities on Campus

k(NO)w, ARCH Student-Leader, First-Year Seminar Teaching Apprentice, Philosophy Roundtable, WOO91 Radio DJ, Club Soccer, Phi Sigma Tau International Honors Society for Philosophy

Favorite Wooster Tradition

Any and all live music events on campus, from Covers and Party on the Green and SpringFest to W.A.C.’s Small Concert Series and those impromptu shows student-artists occasionally have in basements or dorm rooms. 

Favorite Spot on Campus

The oak grove that sits between Ebert and the library.