Ka-Ying Ke

Ka-Ying Ke

German & Russian Language Asst., German & Russian Studies

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Email: kke@wooster.edu


University of Vienna, Teacher Education Program, Teaching Subjects: English, Philosophy and Psychology


I studied in the Teacher Education Program at the University of Vienna. While in training, I was able to gain valuable teaching experience in Austrian high school classrooms. Next to my studies, I worked as an Assistant Hotel Manager for a private German language school in Vienna. My studies and my job gave me the opportunity to combine two of my favourite topics: culture and languages.

Through my work in tourism and as an avid traveller myself, I was fortunate enough to have met people from all walks of life. This has not only provided me with a unique perspective and appreciation of the Austrian culture, but also an understanding of the importance of mutual cultural exchange and respect.

After my time in Wooster, I plan to utilise the experience and knowledge I have gained in the U.S. to teach English as a foreign language in secondary and adult education.