Mark R. Weaver

Mark R. Weaver


Phone: 330-263-2416
Office Address: 130 Kauke


  • B.A., Ohio University 1970
  • M.A., University of Massachusetts, Amherst 1973
  • Ph.D., University of Massachusetts, Amherst 1979

Courses Taught

  • PSCI 130: Introduction to Contemporary Ideologies
  • PSCI 215: Constitution Law & Appellate Advocacy
  • PSCI 330: Research in Political Theory

I.S. Projects


  • The Implications of T.W. Adorno’s Aesthetic Theory of Discourse Within Art
  • Rethinking Civil Disobedience: Possibilities for Expanding the Boundaries of Legitimate Political Action.
  • A Theoretical Study of the Connection between Ethics and Economics in the Free Market
  • Theories of Adam Smith, Milton Friedman, Joseph E. Stiglitz, and John Micklethwait and Adrian Wooldridge
  • The Politics of Genetically Modified Organisms: A Case Study Examination of Social, Cultural and Political Variables Influencing Consumer Attitudes Toward GMOs
  • Facts on the Ground: Propaganda, Truthiness, and Media Distortion.

Publications (Recent)

  • “The Formation of a Farmer-led Watershed Group in the Sugar Creek, Ohio,” forthcoming in The Citizen Effect: Multiple Pathways for Getting to Better Water Quality Outcomes, Lois Wright Morton, ed.
  • “Agricultural Sustainability, Water Pollution, and Governmental Regulations: Lessons from the Sugar Creek Farmers in Ohio.” Culture and Agriculture, 30:1-2 (2008).
  • “Land Tenure as a Variable in Community Based Watershed Projects: Some Lessons from the Sugar Creek Watershed, Wayne and Holmes Counties, Ohio.” Society and Natural Resources, 20:9 (October 2007).

Research Interests

A specialist in historical and analytical political theory, Dr. Weaver studies contemporary political issues involving value differences, ideological conflicts, and philosophical assumptions about human behavior and social interaction. He teaches courses in Civil Liberties, Constitutional Law and Appellate Advocacy, Environmental Policy, Contemporary Ideologies, Modern Western Political Theory, Contemporary Western Political Theory, Feminist Theory, and Knowledge and Power. For the last ten years Dr. Weaver has been working with Dr. Richard Moore and Dr. Jason Parker of Ohio State University to study and address environmental issues in a local watershed. Their current research focuses on the formation and structure of grassroots watershed groups and the processes through which local stakeholders make decisions about resource use and conservation practices.