Spring Melody Knapp

Spring M. M. Knapp

Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Department/Affiliation: Chemistry
Phone: 330-263-2377
Office Address: 203 Severance Hall
Curriculum Vitae (CV)


  • B.A., Chemistry, Grinnell College 2007
  • M.S. Chemistry, University of Oregon, 2009
  • Ph.D. Inorganic Chemistry, University of Oregon, 2012

Courses Taught

  • CHEM 111:  General Chemistry I
  • CHEM 112:  General Chemistry II
  • CHEM 211L/212L:  Organic Chemistry Laboratory
  • CHEM 340:  Inorganic Chemistry
  • CHEM 341:  Advanced Inorganic Chemistry
  • CHEM 401:  Introduction to Independent Study in Chemistry
  • CHEM 451/452:  Senior Independent Study

Awards and Professional Memberships

  • American Chemical Society
  • NSF Graduate STEM Fellow in K-12 Education, University of Oregon, 2010-2012
  • ACS Women Chemists Committee (WCC)/Eli Lilly and Company Travel Award, Fall 2011
  • University of Oregon Women in Graduate Sciences Travel Award, 2010
  • GAANN Fellow, University of Oregon, 2009


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  • N.J. Beach, S.M.M. Knapp, C.R. Landis; “A reactor for high-throughput high-pressure nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy” Rev. Sci. Ins. 2015, 86, 104101.
  • S.M.M. Knapp, S.E. Shaner, D. Kim, D.Y. Shopov, J.A. Tendler, D.M. Pudalov, A.R. Chianese; "Mechanistic Studies of Alkene Isomerization Catalyzed by CCC-Pincer Complexes of Iridium" Organometallics  2014, 33, 473-484.
  • S.M.M. Knapp, T.J. Sherbow, T. J. Ahmed, I. Thiel, L.N. Zakharov, J.J. Juliette, D.R. Tyler; "Modification of platinum phosphinito catalysts for nitrile hydration" J. Inorg. Organomet. Polym. Mater.  2014, 24, 145-156.
  • S.M.M. Knapp, T.J. Sherbow, R.B. Yelle, J.J. Juliette, D.R. Tyler; “Catalytic nitrile
    hydration with [Ru(η6-p-cymene)Cl2(PR2R′)] complexes; secondary coordination sphere effects with phosphine oxide and phosphinite ligands” Organometallics  2013, 32, 3744-3752.
  • S.M.M. Knapp, T.J. Sherbow, R.B. Yelle, L.N. Zakharov, J.J. Juliette, D.R. Tyler;
    “Mechanistic investigations and secondary coordination sphere effects for the hydration of nitriles with [Ru(η6-arene)Cl2PR3] complexes” Organometallics  2013, 32, 824 – 834.
  • S.M.M. Knapp, T.J. Sherbow, J.J. Juliette, D.R. Tyler; “Cyanohydrin Hydration with
    [Ru(η6-p-cymene)Cl2PR3] Complexes” Organometallics  2012, 31, 2941-2944.
  • T.J. Ahmed, S.M.M. Knapp, D.R. Tyler; “Frontiers in catalytic nitrile hydration: Nitrile and cyanohydrin hydration catalyzed by homogeneous organometallic complexes” Coord. Chem. Rev.  2011, 255, 949-974.

Underlined names indicate undergraduate coauthors

Research Interests

Using inorganic and organometallic catalysts to facilitate transformation of organic substrates, with an emphasis on mechanistic understanding of catalytic reactions.