Campus Life

Find your home on campus. Wooster students come from approximately 46 states and 62 countries, from all manner of backgrounds and life experiences. They're serious about their academic lives,  but they're just as intense about exploring their other interests — and having fun.

Residential Life

With Wooster's community living options, where you live can reflect your academic and personal interests. You might share a house with your First-Year Seminar classmates or choose a hall with an international theme. Or you might live in a program house, joining your housemates in a community service project.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Wooster's Center for Diversity and Inclusion is a dynamic, collaborative group of programs and people working to promote a diverse, welcoming campus, and to foster cultural competency, cross-cultural perspectives, and global understanding.

Student Organizations

Wooster's 120 student organizations reflect the wide range of interests, ideas, hobbies, and passions on campus. Close to a third of all Wooster students make music through one of three choirs, symphonic and marching bands, a jazz ensemble, four a capella groups, and other ensembles. From an improv comedy group to a student-run investment club that manages a portfolio for the College's endowment, there's something on campus for every taste.

Community Service

There's a strong ethic of community service among Wooster students. Through the student groups like the Wooster Volunteer Network, the program houses, COW 4 Kids, and Circle K, they devote hundreds of hours each year to groups like Habitat for Humanity, the Humane Society, and Wayne County Children's Services.

Environmental Sustainability

The College community shares a strong commitment to environmental stewardship and Wooster's sustainability efforts have earned a STARS Silver rating from the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education.


Almost a third of the student body competes on one or more of Wooster's 23 varsity athletic teams, and more than 80 percent participate in club or intramural sports, from Ultimate Frisbee and broomball to three-on-three basketball and floor hockey. There's even a cricket club that plays an annual grudge match with Haverford College in Pennsylvania.