Guidance for Prospective Students

COVID-19 has deeply impacted school calendars, events, and activities for high school students and college students across the globe. Wooster is committed to remaining flexible and supporting prospective and admitted students and families.

Important steps the Office of Admissions has taken:

  • Extend the regular decision deadline should high school seniors wish to expand their college options. Wooster accepts self-reported test scores and there is no application fee.
  • Extend our enrollment deposit deadline to June 1 to allow more time for admitted students to make the best college choice.
  • Expand our virtual connections, opportunities for all students and family members to interact with current students, staff and other community members.
  • Remain flexible with the receipt of transcripts and other supporting materials as we anticipate school years will be extended and accessing student records may be delayed.

Our bottom line: The coronavirus and its effects on your school experience will play no role in admission decisions to Wooster.

Check out the complete list of FAQ’s or contact us at If you are new to Wooster, be sure to complete our request for information form. We are here to help!