Classes, I.S., Textbooks, Library, and Carrel Items

There will be no in-person classes for the remainder of the semester.

Starting March 25, teaching will take place remotely through various modes appropriate to each class.

Class Delivery Methods

The College supports Moodle for course management, and Microsoft Teams for online course delivery. However, we understand that students have varying degrees of access to course material and reliable internet connections and may feel less comfortable participating with live formats from their off-campus location. Faculty have been asked to be as flexible as possible. We are also aware that faculty access may vary due to Ohio’s Stay-At-Home mandate.

Textbooks and Library Resources

eBook and Library Resource information

The Provost is communicating with your faculty encouraging them to provide access to alternative materials when possible; your faculty will be understanding of work you are not able to complete because of an inability to access materials that are in the library and not available electronically. Your faculty will soon be in communication with you about assigned readings.

Academic Support Resouces

Academic Support services will be available during the remainder of spring semester.

I.S. Information

The current I.S. deadline is Wednesday, March 25. The Registrar’s Office has made alternative/electronic submission possible (with an electronic, individualized IS completion pin for students!)

This deadline remains. However, the standard policy/procedures of a required petition for any late submissions is delayed until Thursday, April 2. In other words, there is a 1 week grace period where I.S. projects may be submitted without a petition. After 11:59PM on Wednesday, April 1, students must petition the Dean for Curriculum and Academic Engagement to develop a plan for completing and submitting their I.S. The following information was shared with students, and these policies/procedures apply, effective April 1, 2020.

The Registrar’s Office will not be open on any weekends during Spring Break, including IS Sunday.

Students who have not yet turned in their I.S. and need to should submit electronically (not in-person). This may be done by e-mailing a PDF or Word document to The Registrar’s Office ( and CCing their advisor(s). An I.S. button will be reserved with a Tootsie Roll for each student, in the order that they are received electronically.

I.S.'s that have already been submitted will be delivered to respective departments (students do not need to resubmit).

Student will receive instructions at a future date as to when they may pick-up their buttons and Tootsie Rolls.

Orals timing and opportunities for orals will be negotiated among students, their advisors and departments.

If students have questions about I.S. submissions, they may call the Registrar’s office at 330-263-2366.

Study Carrel Items

All study carrel items from Gault, Timken, and Andrews Libraries are now labeled and bagged up in the Andrews Library’s CoRE Cube.  You must make an appointment with SPS to retrieve your items by following the directions on Moving Out.

Your  books, checked out from here or borrowed from another library, will be in a separate bag.  Please consider carefully what you still need, and whether you need to take them with you.  You will have to return them via the book drop (located to the left of the doors on the Timken side-facing Andrews Library doors) or mail them back to:  

College of Wooster Libraries
1140 Beall Avenue
Wooster, Ohio 44691

For those who have carrel keys, please return them to SPS when you are on campus and picking up items or mail them back if you are not returning to campus to the above address.  Your key deposit will be credited to your student account.

Expectation for Student Teachers

All student teaching assignments and coursework will take place remotely for the remainder of the semester. Student teachers also will still participate in a virtual weekly Student Teaching Seminar just as they would have on campus.

Any student teachers who have individual questions related to student teaching requirements in regards to COVID-19 changes should contact Megan Wereley, Chair of Education Department at