IT Resources and Support

Consistent with the College’s following Ohio’s “stay at home” order to move the majority of the institution’s daily operating activities to “remote work,” Information & Planning is maintaining operations while transitioning as many staff to remote work as possible. We know that our division’s continued operation is essential in supporting students, staff, and faculty in this new way of working. This is what we are doing, as of today.

What, When, Who, Where, How

Morgan 4th will have very limited staffing Monday – Friday 8:30 AM- 5:00 PM, but to maintain social distancing, our doors and elevator stop will be locked, as will Morgan Hall. We have made provisions for drop off and pick up of equipment (see below).

While all of us may not be here physically, we will be connected via email and Microsoft Teams. Do not hesitate to contact us.

The HelpDesk

  • Will be staffed 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM Monday – Friday. Phone (330-287-4357) and email assistance ( will continue. We are adding a “chat” feature and will let everyone know when it is available and how to use it.
  • Will have extended phone support hours, from 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM EST Monday – Friday to assist students’ transition to remote learning beginning Tuesday, March 24 through Tuesday, March 31 (we will assess continuation based on numbers of calls received).

Educational Technology

  • All staff are working remotely (email a staff member directly or initiate a Teams chat).
  • The Digital Media Bar will not be staffed during this time. For assistance, you may schedule consultation time with a Digital Media Assistant.
  • Our Student Technology Assistants have developed a guide to learning remotely specifically for students.

Technology Services

User Services

  • Hardware Repair - should your College-issued equipment need repair, please email or call the HelpDesk and we will advise you how best to get it to us.
  • Equipment Pick Up – please email or call the HelpDesk and we will advise how best to get it from us, or return it.
  • HelpDesk and support typically provided at the desk– will be provided remotely using Microsoft Teams and phone. All clients will be expected to have Microsoft Teams installed. Here is the documentation to install and use Microsoft Teams.

Systems & Networks

  • Remote monitoring of hardware, processes, and systems maintenance will continue.
  • Currently staff will be on campus from 8:30AM till 6:00PM.
  • Will be assisting with HelpDesk phones if necessary.
  • Network or system outages outside business hours should be called in to 330-287-1922.

Telecommunications, Voicemail

  • Will receive requests through the HelpDesk.
  • Currently staff will be on campus from 8:30AM till 6:00PM.
  • Will be assisting with HelpDesk phones if necessary.

Media Services

  • Currently off campus; support services not available.

Applications Development

  • All staff are working remotely; staff have provided their contact information to their office liaisons. All other requests for assistance can be emailed to
  • If you have an emergency need, contact the HelpDesk or the AppDev on-call line at 330-287-1927.

Information & Planning

  • We’ll be here and online. It is business as (un)unusual.

Get in Touch

If you have any questions, need assistance, and want to discover ways to use the tools in our technology toolbox to “work remotely,” please contact us. We want to know how the switch to “remote” is going for you, too.

Jon Breitenbucher, Educational Technology
Tabby Conwell, Applications Development
Vince DiScipio, Technology Services
Gina Holmes, Information & Planning
Ellen Falduto, Information & Planning

We encourage all students, staff, and faculty to follow us on Twitter @WoosterITAlerts and @woosteredtech for updates.