Guidelines for Move-Out

Need to return to campus to pick up your belongings?

Request a day/time to return to campus to pick up your belongings

Appointments are scheduled in four hour blocks. You will need to report to Security and Protective Services upon arriving to campus to have access to your residential space restored on your COW ID card, so please be sure to bring that with you. Packing supplies will be available. You and your fellow travelers must wear masks the entire time you are on campus. If you arrive without a face mask you will be issued one at SPS. If you or your fellow travelers have any symptoms of illness or have been around individuals who are sick we ask that you please reschedule your appointment.

Families traveling from far distances have the option of staying in one of two local area hotels: Best Western and Hampton Inn (north end). Both are offering a reduced rate of $89.00 plus tax for Wooster families. When you call to reserve a room, you will need to say you are part of the College of Wooster family. All other hotels in town are closed until after June 1.

If you have needs or special requests regarding your return to campus, you may indicate so through the appointment system.

Appointments will be required, and you must use the online appointment request process that is provided.

No appointments will be taken over the phone.

Students who return to campus without an appointment will not be permitted to access their room and/or retrieve their belongings.

If you have any questions about reservations to pick up you items please contact Barb Polen at

Have us send you a few essentials

You would like us to send you a few essential belongings from your room (laptop, documents, medications, etc.) and/or from your library carrel. We will pack and ship these at no cost to you.

If you choose to have us send you a few essentials, fill out this form.

Have us pack up and ship or store your entire room

The following options are available to students who are unable to return to campus to retrieve their items.

  • You may have your entire room packed up and stored at no cost to you. Items will be stored on campus for pick up in August.
  • You may chose to have your entire room packed up and shipped home at a cost to be determined based on your location and the number/weight of the boxes.

NOTE: We are unable to accommodate a combination of shipping and storage at this time.

If you'd like your room packed and stored or packed and shipped, please fill out the form on your Housing Self Service Page. It can be found under Applications and is called Move Out Communication Form.

Requirements for Check Out

Before you leave, you need to complete the following:

  • Remove all items from the room.
  • Remove all personal belongings from common areas.
  • CLEAN - the room/house must be in the condition it was when you moved in.
    • Wipe off desks, dressers, tables, countertops, and vanities.
    • Empty and wipe out all of the drawers.
    • Empty all trash cans and recycling bins.
    • Take all trash and place in the dumpster located closest to your residence hall or house. Place all recycling in the appropriate bins.
    • Remove all posters, tape, and decorations, including anything on windows.
  • DO NOT repair any damages to College property - this must be done by the Service Center staff.
  • Resolve any damage issues between roommates. Unless an individual accepts responsibility in writing on the check-out form or is found accountable via a conduct hearing, all persons in the living environment will be held responsible. Individuals can claim responsibility for damages by emailing Residence Life from their email.
  • Check out
  • Turn in keys (see below)

How to Check Out

You may check out in two different ways:

  • Complete the express check-out online.
  • Complete the express-check-out form in person at the Campus Life Office or at Security. There is a box available for you to place forms in after hours.
    • The Campus Life Office (Lowry) - give to the front desk worker OR the lockbox on the front door
    • Campus Access/Security and Protective Services - lockbox near Dispatch

NOTICE: Students that do not check-out properly, either through an appointment or completing an express check-out form, forfeit the right to appeal damages.


If you are in possession of a hard key for The College of Wooster campus, please let us know and return your assigned hard key(s) to us no later than Friday, May 8, 2020. If you have already left campus, and you have a physical house key, Please let us know and mail your physical key via a carrier with a tracking number to:


Please wrap the key in a separate piece of paper or a plastic bag in order to avoid having it escape the envelop in transit.

If you are still on campus, please remember to leave your physical house key or keys as you depart in one of the deposit boxes in the residence life and security offices. Envelopes are available in both locations. Please list your name, building and room number on your envelope and deposit your key in the deposit box.

As a reminder, there will be a $150.00 fee for any unreturned key.

Microfridge Rentals

The College will work with to make sure the fridges are returned. We already do this at the end of the year, we are just moving up our timeline for return.


If you are not able to retrieve your vehicle, you can leave it on campus.


If you are not on campus, we will forward mail to your home address.
*The Post Office can return items to the sender, free of charge as well.*

If you need your mail/packages to stay at the College please email to keep your mailbox open through the end of the semester/summer.

Any questions? Contact Jen Scale via email at

*Restrictions Apply.