Campus Recycling Program

How to Recycle at Wooster

More Recycling Bins

You may have noticed an increase in the number of BLUE recycling containers in the Academic and Administrative buildings. You might have also noticed the new recycling containers around campus on the grounds. All these containers have a recycling logo and a blue lid.

Additional blue recycling bins have also been placed in the common and/or recreation areas of the buildings. There amount and accesibility of these containers to students have also been increased in all the residence halls.

Watch a video from Waste Management for an explanation on Single Stream Recycling, how the recycling material is handled, and what happens once it leave the College.

More Information

  • Read the list of materials that are acceptable in our recycling program. Please understand that ALL recycling materials may be placed in any of recycling containers on campus.
  • Read the list of electronics that are accepted by IT on the 4th floor of Morgan Hall. 
  • Read answers to frequently asked questions on campus recycling

Have other questions regarding recycling? Please email us.

Thank you for your efforts.