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The Kauke Hall Garden Level I.S. Palm Tree provides an opportunity for seniors to post their I.S. titles in celebration of their accomplishments.

The Independent Study requirement at Wooster provides an opportunity for students to pursue in depth a topic of their own choosing, with the one-on-one guidance of a faculty member. Africana Studies opens exciting avenues for student research in a wide variety of areas. For examples of Africana Studies Independent Study,

  • Peter "Jake" Blasini '08 produced a creative Senior I.S. project, titled "From Bebop to the Hip-Hop Sample: The Evolution of a Tradition," which included a CD containing five examples of compositions he created using sampling techniques
  • Andrew Garnett '08, a double major in Africana Studies/History, wrote "A Revealing and Remarkable Transformation: An In-Depth Analysis of the Complex Life and Evolution of Malcolm X," which incorporated a transcript of an interview he conducted at Columbia University with Professor Manning Marable, a leading authority on this topic
  • Brendan Murphy '08 wrote "Cold War Superpower Rivalry in the Horn of Africa: How the Flood of Arts in the Region Resulted in Current Instabilities"
  • Carly Kammer '07 wrote "Unfair and Unjust: Inconsistencies Between Black and White Women in Three Areas of Health Care"
  • Jennifer Culver '07, a double major in Africana Studies/Communication Studies, explored "Shaggy Afros, Super-Curly Afros, Sky-High Afros, Mini-Afros....Ours and Ours Alone: The (De)colonizing of Black Hair; An Ideological Analysis of the Changing Perspectives on Black Hairstyle Choices as Portrayed in Essense Magazine Articles, 1970-2007."

For detailed information, please refer to our I.S. Handbook.

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