Art Exhibitions and Galleries

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The galleries regularly feature semester-long student labs and student-curated exhibits developed by the Art History department and the CWAM. Tracy Cosgriff and students on presentation day of Printing History: Observation, Imagination, and the Ephemeral, 2019; Kara Morrow and students during Saints, Relics, and Images: The Art of Medieval Devotion, 2018.
Exhibition Dates Featuring Location
September 17 - November 24 (Closed Oct. 5-14 during fall break) Design by Time Sussel Gallery and Burton D. Morgan Gallery
TBA January - February, 2020 Bridget Milligan, Faculty Exhibit Sussel Gallery
TBA 1492: Teaching Exhibition (working title) Sussel Gallery
TBA April May Research Lab: January - February, 2020
Exhibition: TBA
Burton D. Morgan Gallery
TBA April - May 2020 Studio Art Senior Independent Study Exhibitions MacKenzie Gallery
TBA April - May 2020 Studio Art Junior Independent Study Exhibition MacKenzie Gallery
TBA April - May Studio Art Senior Independent Group Exhibition Sussel Gallery

All exhibitions are held in Ebert Art Center galleries, 1220 Beall Ave.

Ebert Art Center Galleries

The MacKenzie Gallery, at the heart of Ebert Art Center, is an integral part of the Art Department. On any given day a stroll through the gallery provides new insight into the imaginations of Wooster art students. Here students have a unique opportunity to work independently and in conjunction with art faculty and a studio technician to prepare their finished projects for presentation. Spacial relationships, lighting techniques, and the technical aspects of installation are all part of the hands-on-learning. MacKenzie Gallery is in constant rotation with student classroom projects, Studio Art Senior Independent Study individual exhibitions, and the Studio Art Junior Independent Study group exhibition.

The Burton D. Morgan Gallery and the Sussel Gallery are part of The College of Wooster Art Museum (CWAM) located on the north side of the Ebert Art Center. The CWAM presents several types of exhibitions each year that include nationally and internationally recognized artists as well as a variety of student projects. Each spring the museum features the annual Studio Art Senior Independent Study group exhibition where students have the opportunity to work with the CWAM curator and preparator in presenting work selected from their one-person Senior I.S. exhibitions. CWAM also features course-embedded, student-curated projects (.pdf) that promote the study of visual culture, contextual research, and writing for the public.