Independent Study Seminar Schedule

2020-2021 Schedule: Seminar Sway

Date Day Description Speaker Time Location
Aug. 25 Tues.

Safety Training - Session I


Nate Hoam, Chem-Tech Consultant 11:10 AM Virtual
    Safety Training - Session II Staff - Pre-recorded    
Sept. 3 Thurs. Senior Meeting BCMB Faculty (rescheduled from Sept. 1) 11:30 AM Virtual
Sept. 22 Tues. BCMB & Chemistry Jim Sonnett, Ph.D., Redwood Innovation, Managing Partner 11:30 AM Virtual
Oct. 6 Tues. BCMB, BIOL, CHEM, NEUR Pandemics: Presented by Stephanie Strand (BIOL/BCMB), Heather Fitz Gibbon (SOCI/URBN), Madonna Hettinger (HIST), The College of Wooster 11:30 AM Virtual
Oct. 27 Tues. BCMB & Chemistry Seminar Bern Kohler, Ohio State University 11:30 AM Virtual
Feb. 23 Tues. BCMB & Chemistry Seminar Eranthie Weerapana, Boston College TBA Virtual

Schedule updated 9/2/20