Life Sciences Seminar Series

Date   Description Speaker(s) Time Location Host
01/14/20 TU Spring Safety Training Nate Hoam, Kristin Feierabend, Courtney McCusker 11AM RWW 045 Brandie Ross
01/16/20 TH Life Sciences Seminar:
Blind cavefish: an evolutionary model for tooth and jaw developmen.
Amanda K. Powers, Post Doctoral Researcher, Harvard University 11AM RWW 060 Brian Carlson
01/30/20 TH Life Sciences Seminar:
What Antarctica can teach us about successful careers in STEMM & how hawkmoths can help plant species overcome challenges imposed by anthropogenic land-use change.
Krissa Skogen, Conservation Scientist, Chicago Botanical Gardens 11AM RWW 060 Jennifer Ison
02/20/20 TH Life Sciences Seminar:
­Proto-genes and de novo gene birth.

Anne-Ruxandra Carvunis, Assistant Professor, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine 11AM RWW 060 Erzsebet Regan
02/27/20 TH Life Sciences Seminar:
Growing Old:
Aging in
Katherine D'Amico-Willman, PhD Candidate, Transitional Plant Sciences, OARDC 11AM Lean Lecture Stephanie Strand
03/26/20 TH Life Sciences Seminar:
Title: TBA
Megan May, Graduate Student, COW '17, Kent State University 11AM Lean Lecture Amy Jo Stavnezer