International Business

A liberal arts background already gives you an advantage in seeking international careers. Our integrated course of study helps you learn to think in ways that will help you to handle the special requirements of adapting to a foreign environment. These recommendations have been prepared by members of the Departments of Business Economics, French, German, and Spanish who would be happy to speak with you about your plans.

The choice of major should emphasize either business or language skills and supporting courses will complement the choice of major.

Option I
Language Emphasis: International Business Economics Minor

Students who choose to emphasize language will complete all courses required for the major in their language of choice (including three courses of Independent Study) and must include the language course most relevant to the language of business and an IS in a business-related area.

Supporting courses build toward competence in economic and business fundamentals and include at least:

  • Economics 101, Economics 110, and Business Economics 119
  • One course from Economics 251, 252, and 254
  • Two course from Business Economics 227, 230, 250, 255, 260, and 271.

Option II
Business Emphasis

Students who choose to emphasize business will complete all courses for the Business Economics major (including three courses of Independent Study) and must include at least one of the following: Economics 251, 252, 254.

Supporting courses build toward competence in the language of choice and include at least:

  French German Spanish
Intermediate 201, 203 201, 202 201, 202
Advanced 216 250 310
Culture 224 260 203 or 204

Foreign Study

Foreign study in a country consistent with your language of choice is strongly recommended under either option. This would normally involve the internship discussed below.

Commercial Language Certification

The Chambers of Commerce of France, Germany, and Spain offer language examinations providing certification in commercial language competence. Such certification is recognized by business firms in these countries and substantially enhances internship opportunities. The examinations are offered on a regular basis at various locations in Ohio. Students are encouraged to obtain this certification prior to their internship.

  • French: Certificat Pratique de Français Commercial et Economique; Diplôme Supérieur de Français des Affaires
  • German: Prüfung Wirtschaftsdeutsch International; Zertifikat Deutsch als Fremdsprache
  • Spanish: Certificado de Español Comercial Básico; Diploma de Español Comercial


For students with the appropriate language and Business training, the College of Wooster has internship connections with firms located in France, Germany, and Switzerland. Internships in Latin America are offered through the GLCA Bogotá Program. For more information, contact Professor Sell.

Faculty Contacts

Contact any of the following program participants to discuss these options further.

Business Economics: Professor Amyaz Moledina
French: Professor Harry Gamble
German: Professor M. Herrmann or Professor Amyaz Moledina
Spanish: Professor D. Uber

In all cases, the Center for Diversity and Inclusion is an excellent source of additional information.