Freedlander Speech & Hearing Clinic

Freedlander Speech & Hearing Clinic

Who We Are

The Freedlander Speech and Hearing Clinic, located on the ground floor in Wishart Hall, functions as an outpatient clinic to the Wooster community. Staff members assess and treat communicative disorders that is, problems of speech, language, and hearing (e.g., stuttering, speech/language delay, voice problems, cleft palate, hearing loss, and deafness). Currently, the staff is composed of three professionals (Associate Professor Joan Furey, Ph.D., CCC-SLP; Professor Donald Goldberg, Ph.D., CCC-SLP/A, FAAA, LSLS Cert. AVT; and Clinic Supervisor Cara Hammond, M.S., CCC-SLP), along with student clinicians.

Clinic Experience for Students

For students majoring in Communication Sciences and Disorders, the Freedlander Clinic serves another important function: It provides them with hands-on clinical experience, something that few undergraduate programs offer, Indeed, the Freedlander Clinic's activities are natural sources of information for coursework in the major and for ideas about research that students might undertake. Student clinicians must enroll in COMM 140, Speech and Language Clinic Practicum, for three semesters and work under the guidance of state-licensed and American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) certified supervisors. In the fourth semester, students may continue in COMM 140 or they may elect to enroll in COMM 144, Audiology Clinic Practicum.


The clients served at the Clinic are of any age, from infants through older adults, and the types of disorders managed are equally varied. Referrals come from numerous sources, including area physicians, local schools, and the College faculty, staff, and student body, in addition to self-referrals from the Wooster community. There are NO FEES for clients seen during the academic year, between regular clinic hours.

The Freedlander Clinic is equipped with modern audiologic test equipment, a new sound-treated audiology test booth, and a variety of tests, assessment protocols, and therapy materials for assessment and intervention. Audiologic or hearing evaluations, as well as speech/language evaluations, are scheduled throughout the academic year for clients of all ages.

In sum, the Freedlander Clinic serves as a catalyst for service, education, and research. The Clinic not only affords students the opportunity for rich educational experiences, but also provides individuals of the surrounding community with much-needed services, at no cost, that may significantly improve their quality of life.