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Winners of the 2018 Margaret Wick Public Speaking Competition

Feb. 2018 - Congratulations to the winners of the Dept. of Communication's 2018 Margaret Wick Public Speaking Competition (left to right): Mika Yonaha, 2nd place; Josie Veal, 1st place; and Angela Danso Gyane, 3rd place. Speeches had to address the question: "If you were Dean of the Office of Diversity and Inclusion and received an extra $20,000 to your current budget, how would you spend it?" Josie Veal, our overall winner, offered a proposal that included spending the money on cultural competency training for all faculty and staff members, transformation of the College's Ambassadors Program into a Messengers Program that would expand outreach to include a wider range of cultural diversity, community family events centered on diversity to draw in local residents, and a newspaper for students of color. Mika proposed a food festival to bring people together through the sharing of different cultural dishes, while Angela recommended services to attract and help international students, such as offering free storage.