Earth Sciences Events

Geology Club Schedule 2020-2021

Unless otherwise noted, the 2020-2021 Senior Seminar and Geology Club meetings will be held via Teams on Thursdays, from 11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. Click here to Join the Team

Date       Event
Aug 20 Welcome to GeoClub. Introduction of GeoClub Officers.
Aug 27 Introductions for Everyone:  One Autobiographical Slide.
Sept 3 Annual Student Slideshow Extravaganza:  “One amazing thing that I’m grateful for during the past summer”
Sept 10 Dr. Greg Wiles, “Cedar Trees:  Canary Tree and the Health of Alaska Cedar in the Wake of Climate Change”
Sept 17  Dr. Samei, Assistant Professor of Archeaology, "Academia’s Blindspot: Progressivism, Post-colonial Discourse, and Representation in Archaeology”
Sept 24  "Guided Virtual Hikes and Tours"
Oct 1 Kirk Johnson, Smithsonian Museum of Natural History
Oct 8  Lisa Kastor, Office of Career Planning
Oct 15  Katherine Holmok from Environmental Design. Group,  “A Spree of Green….Infrastructure”
Oct 22  Dr. Michelle Lorah, USGS Research Hydrologist, MD-DE-DC Water Science Center
Oct 29  Senior I.S. Presentations:   Kendra Devereux, Will Santella, and Shosh Troen-Krasnow 
Nov 5  Senior I.S. Presentations:  Claire Cerne, Claire Wineman, Grant Holter, and Juda Culp
Nov 12  Senior I.S. Presentations:  Julia Pearson, Morgan Pedroso Curry, and Madison Whitman
Nov 19  Annual Gameshow.  Last GeoClub of the semester.
Semester II
Jan 21 Welcome to Spring 2021
Jan 28 Senior I.S. presentations: "The Development of a Procedure for the PXRF Analysis of Soil Cation Exchange Capacity in Collaboration with Colorado Farmers" by Claire Wineman and "Microbial Structures of the Middle Jurassic (Bajocian) Carmel Formation, Southwest Utah" by Will Santella. 
Feb 4 Deep Connections video and conversation
Feb 11 Dr. Erik Klemetti, Denison University, "Do the Geosciences Have a Future?"
Feb 18 Dr. Lauren Vargo ('13), Antarctic Research Centre, Victoria University presents “Climate change and New Zealand glacier melt”
Feb 25 Christina Znidarsic, Senior Associate Consultant, Davey Resource Group, Inc. presents "Brookies and Bioretention: Smart Stormwater Solutions for Stream Ecology" 
March 4  Josh Charlton ('19), University at Buffalo master's student presents, "A first look at river canyons on the Greenland ice sheet"
March 11 Senior I.S. Presentations: Kendra Devereux, "Climate change impacts go beyond the surface: Groundwater recharge rates and aquifer resources acrossthe Contiguous United States" and Shosh Troen-Krasnow, "There's Something in the Water: An Analysis of the Upper Floridan Aquifer, the Sagamore Aquifer, and the Killbuck Creek Aquifer"
March 18

Senior I.S. Presentations: Claire Cerne, "Glacier Bay and Ice Extent: The Relationship between the Tlingit Peopleand Glacier Bay National Parkand Preserve, Alaska" and Grant Holter

March 25

Senior I.S. Presentation: Julia Pearson, "Quantifying how the retreating cold microclimates around glaciers in Southeast Alaska affect rates of warming in nearby mountain ecosystems"

April 1

Senior I.S. Presentations: Morgan Pedroso Curry and Madison Whitman

April 8 Junior I.S. Presentations: Justine Berina and Ricky Papay
April 15 Junior I.S. Presentations: Layali Banna, Srushti Chaudhari, and Kate Runciman
April 22 Junior I.S. Presentations: Sydney Case, Mazvita Chikomo, and Wylie Greeson
April 29 No GeoClub – Reading Day