Earth Sciences Events 2017-2018

Geology Club Schedule 2017-2018

Unless otherwise noted, the 2017-2018 Senior Seminar and Geology Club meetings will be held on Thursdays, at 11:00 a.m., in Scovel 205. Geology Club lunch is in Lowry Dining Hall after the presentation.

Date Event
Aug 24 Opening Convocation, McGaw Chapel
Aug 25 Scot Spirit Day
Aug 31 Departmental Meeting, Annual Photos, and visit with Jesse Davenport
Sept 7 Aaron Novick (‘12), University of Pittsburgh, “Structuralism and Functionalism in Evolutionary Theory”
Sept 14 "What I Did Last Summer" slideshow
Sept 21 Senior I.S. presentations - Macy Conrad, "Encrusting sclerobiont paleoecology and bioerosion of oysters in the type Campanian (Upper Cretaceous) of southwestern France" and Ben Kumpf
Sept 28 Senior I.S. presentations - Mara Sheban and Brandon Bell
Oct 5 Senior I.S. presentations - Freya Wu and Cole Jimerson
Oct 12 Fall Break - No GeoClub
Oct 19 Mock GSA
Oct 26 Senior I.S. presentations - Amineh AlBashaireh and Matthew Shearer
Nov 2 Senior I.S. presentations - Eve Caudill and Emmett Werthmann
Nov 9 Senior I.S. presentations - Michael Craigmile and Luke Kosowatz
Nov 16 Senior I.S. presentations - Peter Hurst and Jacob Nowell
Nov 23 Thanksgiving Break - No GeoClub
No 30 Senior I.S. presentations - Eduardo Luna, Chris Menolasino, and Ethan Killian (Junior IS)
Dec 7 Noon to 1:00 p.m., Holiday Party - No GeoClub
Winter Break
Jan 18 Welcome Back, Photos and Retakes, Preview of Upcoming Semester, and Call for Nominations
Jan 25 Senior I.S. presentations - Macy Conrad and Ben Kumpf
Feb 1 Senior I.S. presentations - Cole Jimerson and Brandon Bell
Feb 8 Senior I.S. presentations - Freya Wu and Jacob Nowell
Feb 15 Welcome to the Major!
Feb 22 Senior I.S. presentations - Mara Sheban, Eve Caudill, and Emmett Werthmann 
Mar 1 Senior I.S. presentations - Matthew Shearer, Chris Menolasino, and Peter Hurst
Mar 8 Senior I.S. presentations - Amineh AlBashaireh, Michael Craigmile, and Eduardo Luna
Spring Break
Mar 29  GeoJeopardy
Apr 5 Lisa Kastor, Director of Career Planning
Apr 11 Thirty-Seventh Annual Richard G. Osgood, Jr. Memorial Lecture by Maureen Raymo.
Lecture begins at 7:30 p.m. in Lean Lecture room.
Apr 12 Osgood Speaker - Maureen Raymo
Apr 19  
Apr 26 Jr. I.S. Presentations:  Josh Charlton, Tommy Peterson, Galen Schwartzberg, and Juwan Shabazz.
May 3 Jr. I.S. Presentations: Melissa Dods, Michael Thomas, Ben Sershen, and Simon Crawford-Muscat.

GeoClub Picnic begins at 4:00 p.m.
May 4 Jr. I.S. Presentations: Connor O’Keefe, Olivia Hall, Ric Reynolds, Victoria Race, Charley Hankla, and Taylor Myers.