La Maison française

International Living Environment

The Maison française provides a unique community for students who have a common interest in the French language and the francophone world.

Residents of the Maison française can expect to dramatically improve their speaking skills, while also enjoying an international living environment.

Each year an assistant from France or another French-speaking country is recruited through the Fulbright FLTA program. The French assistant resides in the French suite and helps to shape this unique learning community. In addition to engaging students in conversation (in French) on a daily basis, the assistant also helps to craft an exiting program of social and cultural activities.

Life in the Maison française is partially structured around weekly gatherings, such as pauses-café, soirées-cinéma, and la table française. Residents are encouraged to organize additional events, which can usually be funded by the Department of French and Francophone Studies.

Please note that residents are expected to participate regularly in social and cultural activities, and to speak in French while in the suite's public spaces.

Luce Hall

Students living in the Maison française enjoy the comforts and amenities of Luce Hall, which houses all of the foreign language suites. Students in the various suites come together from time to time for collective activities and convivial exchanges. The newly opened Global Café, located on the lower level of Luce Hall, functions as a versatile and festive gathering place for these events. 

Diverse backgrounds

The Maison française prides itself on its eclectic character: if residents share their enthusiasm for French and the French-speaking world, they come from a wide range of backgrounds, and have many different interests and talents. 


Applications to live in the Maison française are due in February, and should be submitted through the housing selection website operated by Residence Life.