Off-Campus Study

The department strongly encourages majors and minors to study off campus for a semester and, in some cases, for an entire academic year. In addition to being personally enriching, your time abroad will inform your subsequent studies at the College of Wooster, your path through Independent Study, and maybe even your broader professional trajectory. Put simply, study abroad is often life changing.

See the list of College-endorsed programs in the French-speaking world.

Some general tips:

  • Start thinking about study abroad as of your first year at the College, so that you can begin building this experience into the fabric of your Wooster Education.
  • Set up an appointment with the Off-Campus Study staff, so that you can familiarize yourself with deadlines and procedures and begin exploring different study abroad options.
  • Meet as early as possible with members of the Department of French and Francophone Studies to discuss your evolving plans.
  • Seek out students who have returned from study abroad so that you can ask questions about their experiences.
  • Look closely at the courses that various programs offer, to see how they match up with your own interests. 
  • If possible, seek out programs that offer most or all of their courses in French. Study abroad is exponentially more powerful if takes place in a foreign language.
  • Many programs now offer exciting internship options. Ask study abroad providers for more information early on.
  • Students generally only apply to one study abroad program. It is not like applying to colleges.

Students with particular interests that cannot be met by the endorsed programs may petition to go on another program. If you are interested in a program with a unique focus, or in a particular location in the francophone world, you might want to this option. The Department of French and Francophone Studies supports student petitions as long as they are motivated by careful thought and compelling objectives.