Jeffrey Janus '15

Jeffrey Janus



What’s after Wooster:

After working as a United States Teaching Assistant (for the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education facilitated by Fulbright Austria, 2017-2019) in Vienna, I fell in love with the city and was not yet ready to return to the States. I wanted to discover more Kaffeehäuser and hidden cobblestone streets as well as continue to learn and understand Austrian dialects like Wienerisch. I returned this fall to pursue a master’s in Gender Studies at the University of Vienna. I was inspired to see how different cultures and countries approach the concept of Gender in society. Upon completion of my Master’s degree I hope to work in International Higher Education or Diversity and Inclusion. If it weren’t for the tight-knit community and support of the German Department, perseverance learned through Senior I.S., and a transformative semester spent in Freiburg, Germany, I would not be where I am today.