Off-Campus Study

German majors and minors are strongly urged to spend extended time overseas to improve their facility with German and to gain cultural awareness. The College offers programs for beginning and advanced students in Germany and Austria.

Institute for the International Education of Students (IES) in Freiburg, Berlin, and Vienna

In the one-semester or one-year program for juniors at The Institute of European Studies in Freiburg, Berlin, and Vienna, students take intensive language courses, courses in a variety of disciplines at the local universities, as well as courses in German literature, politics, and history offered by IES staff.  Usually students have completed at least GER 202 or its equivalent before applying for study abroad with IES.

Students can also petition to participate in programs abroad that allow them to direct-enroll at the local university. Such programs include the Junior Year Abroad program in Munich, offered through Wayne State University.

For a list of summer programs in Germany, including Goethe Institute courses and programs directed by American universities, please contact the chair of the German Department, Beth Muellner.

For further information on all study abroad options, and for details of the programs as well as college regulations and application procedures, please contact the Office of Off-Campus Study.