Successful Graduates

Recent German majors have entered careers in teaching, research, translation work, foreign service, international business, and international service organizations. Students who minored in German are employed in journalism, the natural and social sciences, and in work involving transcultural communication. Some Wooster graduates who major in german choose to spend a year in Germany on internships with German companies and organizations.

Recent Wooster Graduates

Claire Stragand '13 received a distinguished Fulbright Teaching Assistantship and will spend the coming year as an English Teaching Assistants (ETA) overseas. Claire, who was a tutor for the German Department, plans to travel the United States and Europe before she settles into a career or attends law school. During her Fulbright placement, she will serve as an American ambassador in a German secondary school where she will teach English 15 hours a week and organize extra-curricular activities. Her love for German culture and language began several years ago when her family hosted a German exchange student for two weeks.

“Never before had I confronted such barriers between myself and another person,” said Stragand. “Limited communication between the German and American students was both challenging and exhilarating. Before I knew it, I booked a ticket to Germany for my first international experience. Since the exchange, I have returned to Germany three separate times. I hope to gain confidence, develop interests of mine, and become proficient in a language I love. Overall, I look forward to a year of new adventures.”