Global Media & Digital Studies

The Global Media & Digital Studies program is a new field of inquiry that examines the cultural, political and aesthetic impact of media and digital technologies.GMDS provides students with the theoretical and ethical frameworks, as well as the practical tools, to analyze the highly digitalized and mediated national and global cultures that surround us today; students will interconnect theory and practice, balancing critical analysis with experiential learning, including media production. The program prepares students for graduate work and careers in teaching, art, entertainment, digital media, advertising, entrepreneurship, media arts, the non-profit sector, public service, and other fields.

Critically and theoretically informed media consumers and practitioners have a better appreciation of how their work reproduces or contests existing social structures and imagines new worlds. GMDS ’s theoretically and critically engaged curriculum empowers students to ask epistemological, methodological, and practical questions about global media and digital culture, while becoming mindful producers of media and digital texts.