Successful Graduates

If you love the study of history, you will find the program in history at the College of Wooster to be an excellent preparation for your future.

Our graduates have gone on to prominent careers in academia, law and medicine, business, government, intelligence, print and broadcast journalism, political advocacy (environmentalism, poverty, civil rights, peace activism, etc.), foreign service, politics, work in museums and archives, public history, foundation work, library science, and teaching at the primary and secondary levels. And more.

The major in history sometimes leads directly to career opportunities; other times it leads to advanced studies. Many of our students have gone on to Ph.D. programs in history. Wooster has left a lasting mark on the historical profession. The College of Wooster has produced a long series of important historians who have gone on to careers at Cornell University, Emory University, Princeton University, the University of California at Berkeley, the University of North Carolina, and elsewhere.

Other graduates have pursued advanced degrees in law, journalism, education, library science, medicine, public health, and more. Recent graduates have gone on to advanced studies in prestigious programs at Columbia University, Cornell University, Indiana University, New York University, The University of California, the University of Michigan, Vanderbilt University, and elsewhere.

Sample of employers, jobs, and graduate schools attended

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