The Department of Music offers students comprehensive training in performance, music theory, music education, music therapy, and music history and literature.

Music students enter regional and national competitions, and go on to prestigious graduate programs and/or successful careers in performance, education, scholarship, and industry.

Non-majors are also highly involved in the department, taking classes and lessons, participating in ensembles, and performing on recitals.

If you are considering a career in music or want music to be a significant part of your life, the Music faculty will help you expand your understanding of musical style and structure, improve your musicianship, and set the groundwork for an evolving, mature, and lifelong interaction with music as a form of profound aesthetic expression.

Music Scholarships

Music scholarships are awarded to incoming first-year students on the basis of music performance skills demonstrated at the audition or composi­tional skills evidenced by written scores.

Current Students