Peace Corps Prep

As the preeminent international service organization of the United States, the Peace Corps sends Americans abroad to tackle the most pressing needs of people around the world.

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"Two years with the Peace Corps opens your mind and convinces you that there are things you cannot, will never, understand, given your own cultural biases. Your role and best contribution is not to propose solutions, but rather to help those around you effect the solutions that they believe to be best...Of all the job titles I’ve had in the 30 years of working in development and humanitarian response, the job title that means the most to me is 'Returned Peace Corps Volunteer.'” --Jeff Marzilli '80, United Nations World Food Program

What is the Peace Corps?

Peace Corps Volunteers work at the grassroots level toward sustainable change that lives on long after their service—at the same time becoming global citizens and serving their country. When they return home, Volunteers bring their knowledge and experiences—and a global outlook—that enriches the lives of those around them.

What is Peace Corps Prep?

  • A unique partnership between The College of Wooster and the Peace Corps. We are one of 30 colleges and universities to have such a partnership. However, our program has also been specially tailored to the College of Wooster.
  • An advising and mentoring program that lasts at least two years. Peace Corps Prep is an opportunity to work with skilled faculty and staff advisors as you reflect on your educational and career goals.
  • Access to extra advising as you seek out formative out-of-the-classroom experiences. The Peace Corps Prep program is fully integrated with the APEX staff and resources. And though the Peace Corps is only open to American citizens, the Prep program is open to domestic and international Wooster students.
  • A curriculum(.pdf) that can help you to chart powerful paths through the College of Wooster.

Why Participate in the Peace Corps Prep?

Wooster students are attracted to Peace Corps Prep for of a number of reasons, including an inclination towards service, an interest in international issues, and the desire to bridge understanding between cultural groups internationally and domestically. The Peace Corps Prep is not just for students considering the Peace Corps, but for anyone who may want to pursue global issues, peace-building, and service-oriented programs post-Wooster. Additionally, Peace Corps Prep is open to all students of all majors, including international students. Peace Corps Prep Flyer (.pdf)

Peace Corps Prep Student Resources

We hope you find these resources helpful in exploring if the Peace Corps Prep is for you. If you have any questions about the program or process, please contact members of the Peace Corps Prep Committee. The general application deadline is October 1. The Peace Corps Prep Committee also accepts and considers applications on a rolling basis.

Peace Corps Prep Committee

Candace Chenoweth – Off-Campus Study
Prof. Harry Gamble – French and Francophone Studies