Lindsay Brainard '10

Lindsey was selected as one of only two national recipients of the prestigious Davies-Jackson Scholarship. She also studied philosophical issues surrounding the concept of identity at the 2009 Summer Seminar in Philosophy in Boulder, Colorado.

Claire Burgess '10

Claire a philosophy/psychology double major, conducted research with Dr. Wendy Berry Mendes at the Health and Psychophysiology Laboratory at Harvard University. The lab is a large social psychology lab, and she worked as an experimenter in a study of social interaction and measured physiological data such as cardiac impedance (measures blood flow), blood pressure, electrical cardiometry (ECG or EKG; measures heart beat), and galvanic skin response (measures sweat responses). 

Tim Gilliss '10

Tim played the lead role in a Feature Training Film for the U.S. Army at Fort Knox in Kentucky.The production team has an extensive website filled with past works of similar nature. Learn more.

Matthew McNaughton '10

Matt presented his "No Socialism, No Sovereignty, No Freedom: A Necessary Reexamination of Sovereignty and Independence" at the Caribbean Philosophical Association 2009 meeting in Miami, Florida.

Matthew McNaughton and Andrew Vogel ('10) studied "Keys to Contemporary South Africa" at the Rhodes University International School in South Africa.

Evan Watson '07

Evan Watson is currently the opening act for the summer tour of rock groups Heart and Def Leppard.

Duncan Jones '95

Duncan won a BAFTA Award for Directorial Debut.