Philosophy Events

Philosophy Roundtable Schedule 2020-2021

This year, Philosophy Roundtable is held on Thursdays at 11:15 a.m., unless otherwise stated. Meet us on Philosophy Roundtable Teams

Date Presentation
Aug 27 Senior I.S. Proposals
Sept 3 No Roundtable
Sept 10 No Roundtable
Sept 17 Alex Gustafson ('16), University of Toronto presents, "The Phenomenology of Love"
Sept 24

Erik Severson ('18), University of British Columbia presents "Graduate Studies After COW"

Oct 1  No Roundtable
Oct 8 Brandon Burkey ('18), Virginia Tech presents "Environmental Ethics and the Evolutionary Debunking of Moral Realism"
Oct 15  "Ethics and Resistance: Open Discussion" 
Oct 22 Emily Howerton ('17), Penn State University presents, "Managing COVID-19: what are our objectives, and how do we achieve them?"

Oct 29

Senior I.S. presentation by Alex Fiander, "Knowledge of Intentional Action as Essential for It: An Epistemological and Action-Theoretical Investigation"
Nov 5 Senior I.S. presentation by Micah Phillips-Gary, "Category Theory and Phenomenological Mathematical Realism"
Nov 12 Senior I.S. presentation by Jacob Abramo, "The Beautiful Investor: From Marx to Manhattan to Mecca"
Nov 19 No  Roundtable. 
Semester II
Jan 28 Senior I.S. presentation by Sosi Hailu-Chanyalew, "Ouch! Life Hurts: A look at what pain is and is not"
Feb 4 Senior I.S. presentation by Alexander Cohen, “Derivative Intentionality and Gricean Meaning”
Feb 11 Senior I.S. presentation by Serigne-Abdoulah Kebe, “Contextual Questions: The Worldly Implications of an Insufficient Philosophical Stance”
Feb 18 Senior I.S. presentation by Madelyn Cobb, “The Case for Prison Abolition?”
Feb 25 Senior I.S. presentation by Maxwell Gregg, “Normative Bastardy: Policing and its Vicious Norm Enforcement”
March 4  "What is philosophy? Why should we do it?: Open Discussion" 
March 11 Senior I.S. presentation by Dani Halbing, “How Determinism can be Compatible with Quantum Mechanics and the Implications they Provide for a Discussion on Free Will”
March 18 Senior I.S. presentation by Orlando Jones, Just War Theory and Cyber Warfare: "Aged Principles Applied to New Age Issues"
March 25

Phi Sima Tau Philosophy Honor Society Lecture at 7:30 p.m. Click here to join the lecture. 

Dr. Lindsay Brainard ('10), Assistant Professor of Philosophy at the University of Alabama, Birmingham presents "What is Creativity"

April 1 Dr. Sid Simpson, College of Wooster Perry-Williams Postdoctoral Fellow and Ryan Curnow '22 present "Stripping Away the Masks of Identity: Adorno and Fanon's Negative Dialectics"
April 8 No Roundtable
April 15 Dr. Tzula Propp ('15), Post-doctoral Fellow at the Center for Quantum Information and Control, University of New Mexico presents "Quantum Ontologies Volume 2: a Whiteheadian & Pataphysical Boogaloo"
April 22 Senior I.S. presentation by Nicky Benya
April 29  Graduating and Rising Seniors Meeting