Philosophy Honor Society

Phi Sigma Tau

The Department of Philosophy has been a member of Phi Sigma Tau, the National Philosophy Honor Society, since March 1983. The criteria for membership in Phi Sigma Tau is:

  • You have taken and received grades for at least four courses in philosophy;
  • You have earned a B+ or higher in three of those course; and
  • You have a cumulative gpa of at least 3.0.
Current Members
Class of 2020 Class of 2021 Class of 2022
Dzifa Ann Adjei• Nicole Catherine Benya* Abigail Rose Bateson *
Hannah Elizabeth Appleman Annelisea Marie Brand • Sophia Julianne Cloyd *
Alejandro Antonio Arriaga, Jr.* Alexander Lee Cohen* Timothy Joshua Cotter *
Harry Ryan Dunham* Alex Patrick Fiander • Ryan Thomas Curnow *
Frederick Richard Gilbert Morgan Paige Fields • Brendan Joseph Dufty *
Erika Alma Goetz• Maxwell Kent Gregg • Kien Trung Le *
Dakota Shaw Hayes Sosna Hailu-Chanyalew • Zdena Sinkhorn *
Malik Jordan Hearst• Daniel Jonathan Halbing •
Rebecca Nguyen Hopkins Nathan Yoder Hill •
Vienna Leigh Howard• Serigne-Abdoulah Kebe •
Sharah Rebecca Hutson• Micah Taylor Phillips-Gary*
Grace Cora O'Leary• Stephanie Gabrielle Pokras •
Pedro Adami Oliboni* Tongtong Wu •
Katie Elizabeth Reese•
Ian Alexander Ricoy
Brianna Lee Schmidt*
Peter Francis Schopen, III
Daniel Edwin Zuchelkowski•

* Inducted at the end of Sophomore year
• Inducted at the end of Junior year