Honors and Prizes

The Ronald E. Hustwit Prize in Philosophy

Professor Ronald E. Hustwit

The Hustwit Prize, which was established in 2007 by students, colleagues, and friends of Ron Hustwit, will be awarded annually to a senior philosophy major who, in the judgment of the Department, has shown great love of both the subject and the practice of philosophy. This prize honors Professor Ronald Hustwit for his life-long commitment to the students at the College of Wooster and for his contributions to the cultivation of philosophical skills, dispositions, and enthusiasm for philosophy among those students. Recipients of the Hustwit Prize have been:

  • 2020 - Grace O'Leary and Brianna Schmidt
  • 2019 - Coral Ciupak and ;Wyatt Linde
  • 2018 - Brandon Burkey and Scarlett (Junyi) Chen
  • 2017 - Matthew Rowe Buranosky and Taylor Funderburk
  • 2016 - Alexandra Gustafson
  • 2015 - Evelyn Yu Yu Swe and Zachary Diehl
  • 2014 - Elise Hudock and Phu Nguyen-Thien
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The John F. Miller Prize

The Miller Prize, established in 1913, is given at graduation to the major student who has the highest standing in Philosophy. Recipients of the Miller Prize have been:

  • 2020 - Pedro Oliboni
  • 2019 - Coral Ciupak
  • 2018 - Scarlett (Junyi) Chen
  • 2017 - Emily Ann Howerton
  • 2016 - Jacob Fitzpatrick Caldwell
  • 2015 - Chelsea Renae Fry
  • 2014 - Methawee Manupipatpong
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The Remy Johnston Memorial Prize in Philosophy

Remy Johnston

The Remy Johnston Prize was established in 1989 by the Johnston family and the faculty and students of the Department of Philosophy in memory of Remy Alexander Johnston, a senior Philosophy major at the College. The prize is awarded annually to a senior Philosophy major who, in the Department's judgment, has shown outstanding progress in developing philosophical skills and promise as a philosopher. Recipients of the Johnston Prize have been:

  • 2020 - Alejandro Arriaga and Malik Hearst
  • 2019 - Emma Arvedon and Mylo Parker-Emerson
  • 2018 - Isaac Scher and Erik Severson
  • 2017 - Claire Elizabeth Ilersich and Harrison Skylar Ruprecht
  • 2016 - Michael Gyeszat and Zach Towner
  • 2015 - Chelsea Frey and Maxim Elrod
  • 2014 - Richard Barnes and Jordan McNickle
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The D. Ivan Dykstra Philosophy Roundtable Book Prize

D. Ivan Dykstra

The Dykstra Prize (1999-2020) was established by the family of Dr. Ivan Dykstra and awarded annually to a student of Philosophy who contributed significantly to the Philosophy Roundtable. This prize honored Ivan Dykstra's lifelong commitment to the study of philosophy in the context of liberal education. His commitment was manifested both in his long teaching career at Hope College and in his leading role through penetrating questions and insightful comments at Philosophy Roundtable discussions during his retirement in Wooster.

This Prize was awarded annually to a Philosophy major who, in the Department's judgment, had distinguished herself/himself during the past year in Philosophy Roundtable weekly discussions/meeting. Recipients of the Dykstra Prize have been:

  • 2020 - Scotty Gordon and Pedro Oliboni
  • 2019 - Marguerite Adams and Daniel Sweat
  • 2018 - Amy Hagedorn and Colleen Gilfether
  • 2017 - Akiksha Chatterji and Dorian Rowe Boye-Doe
  • 2016 - Brendan Youngquist and Melissa Griffith
  • 2015 - Rachel Amoroso and Nicholas Solem
  • 2014 - Aaron Winston
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