The Lindner Lecture in Ethics

The Lindner Endowment was established in 2007 by Carl H. Lindner of Cincinnati, Ohio, to benefit the Department of Philosophy. The purpose of the Lindner Lectureship is to support the teaching of ethics.


  • José Medina (Fall 2019), Walter Dill Scott Professor of Philosophy at Northwestern University; “Capital Vices, Institutional Failures, and Activism Inside/Outside a County Jail” 
  • Kate Manne (Fall 2018), Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Cornell University; “On Himpathy and Misogyny" 
  • Debra Satz (Fall 2017); Marta Sutton Weeks Professor of Ethics in Society, Senior Associate Dean for the Humanities and Arts at Stanford University; "Distributing Schooling: The Place and Meaning of Equal Educational Opportunity."
  • Stephen Darwall (Fall 2016); Chair, Department of Philosophy, and Andrew Downey Orrick Professor of Philosophy at Yale University; "What Are Moral Reasons"
  • Lewis Gordon (Fall 2015); Professor of Philosophy and Africana Studies at the University of Connecticut; "When Justice is not Enough"
  • Linda Martín Alcoff (Fall 2014); Professor of Philosophy at Hunter College and the CUNY Graduate Center;  "The Future of Whiteness"
  • Tommie Shelby (Fall 2013);  Harvard University Professor of African and African American Studies and of Philosophy; "Justice, Segregation, and the Ghetto Poor"
  • Elizabeth Anderson (Fall 2012); Arthur F. Thurnau Professor and John Rawls Collegiate Professor of Philosophy and Women’s Studies at the University of Michigan; “Tom Paine and the Ironies of Social Insurance”
  • Christine M. Korsgaard (Fall 2011); Arthur Kingsley Porter Professor of Philosophy at Harvard University; “The Relational Nature of the Good”
  • Kwame “Anthony” Appiah (Fall 2011); Laurance S. Rockefeller University Professor of Philosophy at Princeton University; "Cosmopolitanism"
  • Susan Wolf (Spring 2011); Edna J. Koury Professor of Philosophy; University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; "Good-For-Nothings"
  • Nancy Fraser (Fall 2009); Henry A. and Louise Loeb Professor of Political and Social Science; The New School University; "Who Counts as a Subject of Justice? National Citizenry, Global Humanity, or Transnational Community of Risk?"
  • Charles W. Mills (Fall 2008);John Evans Professor of Moral and Intellectual Philosophy; Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences, Northwestern University; "Racial Justice"
  • Onora O’Neill (Spring 2008); President of the British Academy, University of Cambridge; “Naturalism, Normativity, and Applied Philosophy”