Off-Campus Study

There are many opportunities as a student in Philosophy at The College of Wooster to study off campus. The following is a list of locations where philosophy students studied off campus.


  • Botswana (SIT)
  • Ethiopia (SIT)
  • Ghana (SIT) 
  • Kenya (SIT) 
  • South Africa, Cape Town (SIT) 
  • Uganda Development Studies (SIT)


  • Austria, Vienna (IES) 
  • Denmark, Copenhagen 
  • England, London (IES) 
  • England, University College London (Butler) 
  • England, Oxford University (Butler) 
  • England, Oxford University (University of Wisconsin) 
  • England, University of Sussex (Butler) 
  • France, Toulouse (Dickinson) 
  • France, Grenoble (API ) 
  • France, Paris (IES) 
  • Germany, Freiburg (IES) 
  • Greece, Athens (Arcadia) 
  • Greece, Athens (College Year in Athens) 
  • Ireland (SIT) 
  • Ireland, Dublin (IES) 
  • Italy, Florence (Syracuse University) 
  • Italy, Florence (API) 
  • Italy, Milan (IES) 
  • Italy, Rome (IES) 
  • Iceland, Reykjavik 
  • Netherlands, Amsterdam (SIT) 
  • Netherlands, Leiden 
  • Scotland, University of Aberdeen (Butler) 
  • Scotland, University of St. Andrews (Butler) 
  • Scotland, University of Edinburgh (Arcadia) 
  • Scotland, University of Edinburgh (Butler) 
  • Scotland, University of Edinburgh (Parliamentary Internship) 
  • Spain, Cordoba (PRESHCO)

Latin America

  • Chile, Santiago (IES)

Middle East

  • Jordan, Amman (SIT)

North America

  • USA, Chicago (Newberry Seminar in the Humanities) 
  • USA, Philadelphia, The Philadelphia Center 
  • USA, Washington, American University Washington Semester


  • Australia, Adelaide (IES) 
  • Australia, Melbourne (IES) 
  • New Zealand, (Arcadia) 
  • New Zealand, Christchurch (IES) 
  • New Zealand, Auckland (IES) 
  • New Zealand, Wellington (IFSA Butler)