Political Science

Political Science is concerned with the study of power, government, and the state. Power relationships among individuals, groups, and nations, and their governmental and policy results are examined using a variety of political science methods, including case studies, textual analysis, field research and interviews, and statistical analysis of quantitative data.

Wooster political science majors are encouraged to pursue the concentration that interests them (U.S. Politics, International Relations, Political Theory, or Comparative Politics), and have numerous opportunities for off-campus study.

During senior year, each student works with a faculty member to investigate a subject of the student's choosing. These Independent Study projects provide majors with the opportunity to examine a topic of special interest in great depth.

Contact Information

Department Chair: Matt Krain, Professor
Office Location: 104 Kauke Hall
Phone: 330-263-2469
Fax: 330-263-2614