Committee Letter Process

If you are applying to medical, dental or podiatric school, you will need a committee letter prepared by Wooster's Pre-Health Advising Committee. Although committee letters are not mandatory, it is in your best interest to provide a committee letter as medical schools expect committee letters from Wooster and may wonder why the Pre-Health Advising Committee did not write one for you. Having a committee letter prepared for you is one of the benefits of attending a smaller college.

The type of committee letter Wooster's Pre-Health Advising Committee prepares is a composite committee letter that summarizes and quotes information obtained from individual letters of recommendation you solicit and includes information the committee members learned from interviewing and working directly with you. Consequently, in many ways, your committee letter is going to be as strong as your individual letters of recommendation. The official author of the composite committee letter is the Chair of the Wooster Pre-Health Advising Committee. The first link below will bring you to an explanation of the entire committee letter process, including timeline for completion. The second link is for the actual committee letter application form.  Each year, all materials for the committee letter must be submitted by the Monday after spring break for the upcoming application cycle.

Committee Letter Application Information

Application for Committee Letter