Entrance Exams

For any entrance exam, it is strongly encouraged to take the exams as early as possible. However, when you ultimately take an exam should depend on when you've had proper time to fully prepare.

You can register for exams online. You may be asked when taking the entrance exam if you are willing to release your score to the Pre-Health Advisor at Wooster. Please, indicate you will release your score as it helps us know how our students are doing and how to better advise and prepare them.

The best way to prepare is to fully acquaint one self with the exam and take plenty of practice tests. You can do that via commercial preparation courses or on your own. Commercial prep courses are expensive (can cost up to $1,800). You need to know yourself. Are you someone who can be self-disciplined in studying on your own? Can you make the time to take plenty of uninterrupted, timed practice tests? If not, a course may be helpful. A study group has also been found to be helpful for many students.

Exam Preparation Resources