Preparing for a Health Career

Whether you have dreamed of a career as a doctor since you were in junior high or you are a graduating senior, still unsure what lies ahead, there are several things to think about as you begin to make difficult decisions.

There are a lot of health careers, and the number continues to grow. Make sure you find out about as many of them as you can, through reading, shadowing, and volunteering. Maybe you haven't even discovered the career that would be the best match for your aptitudes and personal goals. But even if you are sure about your career, you still need to understand how your profession interfaces with others.

Additionally, each health career has different prerequisite courses required for specific programs, so it is important to check individual professional program websites to be certain you are fulfilling all the necessary undergraduate prerequisites. Health programs don’t care what a student chooses to major in as long as they are successfully completing the required prerequisite courses. See the chart below for different health specialties with detailed information to guide students to helpful websites. It is important to review this information as you begin to build an academic plan.

Health Specialties
Allopathic Medicine Dentistry Nursing
Occupational Therapy Optometry Osteopathic Medicine
Pharmacy Physical Therapy Physician Assistant
Podiatric Medicine  Public Health Veterinary Medicine