Psychology sits in the middle of the social and the natural sciences, using perspectives from both to gain an understanding of the processes underlying human behavior and cognition.

The psychology major at Wooster emphasizes an empirical approach, stressing research as the best way to answer a broad range of psychological questions. Our curriculum exposes students to basic psychological processes and theory as well as more specific or applied topics within the discipline, and our majors become familiar with a variety of ways to study psychological questions. Laboratory experience and research methodology are incorporated into courses at all levels.

Psychology at Wooster benefits from a modern facility, a talented faculty, and a wide range of research opportunities. The psychology department is located primarily in Burton D. Morgan Hall, with some of our labs and offices in the new Ruth W. Williams Hall of Life Science. There are facilities for research in behavioral neuroscience and physiological processes, labs for the study of cognition and of perception, and rooms designed for the observation and recording of social behavior. In addition, psychology majors have an opportunity to work with children from Wooster’s nursery school, which is located across the street from Morgan Hall. Starting early in their career at Wooster, students can get involved in research with faculty through the Pew Sophomore Research Program; they can continue their research involvement through classes and in Independent Study. In some cases this research has resulted in published papers or presentations at professional conferences.

While at Wooster, students have the opportunity to join Psych Club, which sponsors relevant activities, and may be nominated to join Psi Chi, the psychology honor society. Many psych majors go on to graduate school in psychology, medicine, law or a variety of other fields, although often they do something else for a year or two first, while others choose to get a job right after graduation. Psychology majors at Wooster are a diverse group with a wide range of interests. The growing proportion of majors who are international students, ethnic minorities, or first generation students encourages stimulating class discussions and new perspectives on research questions.

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