Academy of Religion

Established in 1966, by the late, Dr. Arthur Baird, the Academies of Religion brings a selection of both visiting and resident scholars for a lecture series each semester. Themes for the series address theological, textual, and societal issues through the lens of religion and faith. Many of these themes are addressed by scholars in the academic field of Religious Studies.

The mission of these lectures is to provide insights and resources to the community as we struggle together to become more richly and fully human. Supported by an endowed fund, the Department of Religious Studies, and Interfaith Campus Ministry, a free-will offering is requested to maintain the quality of the series.

The Academies of Religion are open to any persons, from the campus or community, regardless of creed or affiliation.

The 51st Annual Fall Academy of Religion 2019

The 50th Annual Fall Academy of Religion 2018: Tikkun Olam: To Heal a Broken World