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South Asian Studies Minor information

Consists of six courses:

  • Six elective South Asian Studies courses from at least two departments.

Special Notes

  • Off-campus Study: The minor in South Asian Studies requires the completion of an approved off-campus study program in a South Asian country. Acceptable programs can be either Wooster-endorsed semester-long programs in a South Asian country, or South Asia-focused "Wooster In" programs led by Wooster faculty members (e.g., Exploring India at Home and Abroad Through the Arts; Global Social Entrepreneurship, focused on India).
  • A maximum of three courses completed for transfer credit during an approved off-campus study program in South Asia may, with the South Asian Studies curriculum committee's approval, be counted toward completion of the minor.
  • College of Wooster courses listed under a separate sub department (e.g., new interdepartmental or special topics courses) may also be approved for the minor, if such courses are focused on South Asia. For example, in 2009-2010, the following courses were offered: Global Social Entrepreneurship Seminar/Internship (IDPT 406, 407), which was focused on India; History of Indian Politics Since 1948 (IDPT 199). Though not listed as part of the regular course offerings, each of these could be applied to the minor.
  • Only grades of C- or better are accepted for the minor.