James R. Turner Prize

The James R. Turner Prize in Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies

The James R. Turner Prize in Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies was established in his memory in 1986. Professor Turner was a member of the History Department from 1969 to 1989 and a founding member of the Women's Studies Program at the College in 1978. The Turner Prize is awarded to the student completing the most distinguished senior thesis relating to women, gender or sexuality from across the College.

  • Laura Merrell - 2015 (History and English Double Major) "Memsahibs at Work: British Women's Political Participation in the Raj, 1858-1914"
  • Sara Lynn Tebeau – 2014 (Women's Gender, & Sexuality Studies and Sociology) "Normalizing Abnormality: An Exploration of Social Forces Driving Gendered Disparity in Rates of Anxiety Disorder Diagnoses"
  • David Mallinson - 2013 (Economics & Communications Studies) "Seeds of Slavery: A Mainstream Economic Interpretation and Rhetorical Analysis of Vandana Shiva's Criticism of the Green Revolution and the Alienation of Rural Indian Women"
  • Meredith Loken - 2012 (Women's, Gender, & Sexuality Studies & Political Science) "Body Wars: Nationalism, The State, and Wartime Sexual Violence in Guatemala and Sri Lanka"
  • Muriel LaMois - 2012 (History & German Studies) "What Makes Her "New?" Reexamening Weimar's New Woman in "Das Künsteidene Mädchen," "Der Skorpion," "Pandora's Box," and "Girls in Uniform"
  • Laura Stricklen - 2011 (Religious Studies & Sociology) "Ain't I a True Woman? A Foucauldian Exploration of Agency Within the True Woman Movement"
  • Alison Grace Peters - 2010 (Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies) "Re-Heading the Headless Fatty: A Look at Fat Positive Feminism in Blogs"
  • Sarah Green Golan - 2009 (Anthropology) "You...Only Better:" A Critique of the Culture of Cosmetic Surgery"
  • Natalie Hutchinson Friedman - 2008 (Sociology) "Naughty, Negative, and Nice: Women's Experiences with Pornography"