Hailey Malzeke '19

Tell us a little bit about your background.

I am a sophomore, double major in WGSS and Sociology. I grew up in Mayfield Heights, Ohio. It’s about 20 minutes South-East of Cleveland. I went to Mayfield High School.

When and why did you decide to become a WGSS major (or minor)?

I didn’t know WGSS was even an option until the day where Freshman could learn about different departments and I kind of wondered in. I was interested in the title of the department but didn’t know what it really meant courses wise. I walked out of that meeting time knowing that I wanted to major, if not minor in WGSS. After I started the Intro course, I decided that I would major in WGSS.

What is your favorite part about being a WGSS major (or minor) at the College of Wooster?

I really enjoy seeing where WGSS can intersect with the other disciplines. Having worked with professors that the WGSS department have that work with other departments as well, I’ve learned a lot about how you can apply concepts from WGSS to the other facets of my life.

How do you plan on utilizing your WGSS degree after graduating?

I am planning on going into social work and I hope to work with Queer youth.

What is the most interesting/important thing that you have learned or discovered by being a WGSS major (or minor)?

I have learned how to use Feminism a lot more effectively. Meaning, I can not only say that I am a Feminist, but I have a better concept of how to show that through my actions. Also, having taken History of Sexualities, I have learned things that high school history or sex ed. Classes have left out. Like, the history of hysteria and its treatments. I found it to be incredibly interesting how it branched off into social, economic, and even governmental spheres.

Who is your favorite feminist icon and why?

Lin Manuel-Miranda is my current Feminist icon. Equality for women and for minorities is always in the back of his mind, and it’s not something that he pulls out to make himself look better. Like, when he is doing interviews and is asked to freestyle, he will include equal treatment for all in his freestyle without being showy, It’s sincere. And, the willingness he has to rewrite the parts of his musicals to enable them to be played by anyone, regardless of their gender. He is, overall, just a fantastic man who takes Feminism to heart.