Successful Graduates

Alumnae/i of the WGSS program go in many directions after Wooster.

Some have attended graduate school in women’s and gender studies, others have pursued graduate degrees in social work, library science, English, sociology, psychology, nurse-midwifery, and divinity.

Their careers include working with NGOs for women’s rights, counseling in rape crisis centers, co-ordinating sex education programs for Planned Parenthood, teaching from pre-school through College, and one alum owns her own hula hoop company to promote positive body image!

Whatever their chosen field, alums report the profound impact that their major/minor in WGSS has had on their view of the world, affecting everything from becoming politically active to the paid work they engage in to making choices about creating families and raising children.

Ashley Chavez-White '15
Majors: WGSS & Anthropology

Hans Johnson '92
Major: WOMN

Keshia Butler '12
Major: Math, WGSS Minor

Meredith Loken '12
Majors: WGSS & Political Science

Zoe Van Dyke '11
Majors: WGSS & Art History

Kelsey Jandrey '13
Majors: WGSS-Sociology