Keshia Butler'12

Keshia Butler, Math ’12, WGSS minor

What brought me to a WGSS minor in College? To be honest, I really can’t remember.  Being from small town West Virginia, it was a major I had never heard of before. But taking classes with professors like Craven, Grace, Taylor, and Addis let me know this was something I was deeply interested in. So, I kept taking more and more classes over my four years at Wooster … I graduated with a Mathematics degree, but also with a minor in WGSS.

After Wooster, WGSS has actually played a much bigger role. I’m the only female transmission lineman for American Electric Power (AEP), which supports 11 states. I believe WGSS made me stronger in a sense of being different from those I work with, and being a strong woman. It gave me the understanding of what feminism is and how it can empower women. Many guys in my field don’t support me in having this career.  But that makes me want it that much more!