Meredith Loken, WGSS-Political Science ’12

I was attracted to WGSS at Wooster because of feminist praxis in my personal life and because as an international security researcher, I aspire to make feminist interventions into a field that ignores gender as a mechanism for behavior. WGSS vastly expanded my academic purview and has given me invaluable resources to approach feminist theory and practice.

Wooster and the WGSS faculty were incredibly supportive of my Independent Study research, which brought together conflict-related sexual violence and feminist thought. I am currently a PhD candidate in political science at the University of Washington. I have spent the past seven years researching gender and political violence and have published on women and rape in Security Studies and on the #bringbackourgirls movement in Feminist Media Studies.

My WGSS education has served me immensely in my graduate school process by providing me the tools to do important, critical, intersectional, and ethical work. Getting a bell hooks quote into a hard security journal is by far my greatest, and most fun, accomplishment. I am intellectually and emotionally indebted to women and women's studies, and for that the WGSS department is responsible.

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