Zoe Van Dyke, WGSS-Art History ’11

I was first drawn to WGSS was because of the readings that we did in my Introduction to WGSS class my first year at the College of Wooster. Class with Dr. Craven (as well as conversations with other students and Dr. Craven) really pushed me to think critically about the world around me, the way that systems of power impact people’s daily lives, and the global nature of feminist/womanist/mujerista work for women’s equality. WGSS has definitely contributed to my personal and professional life since undergrad at Wooster in an unimaginable amount of ways.

Currently, I work in fundraising for an international nonprofit, and I think that having a degree in WGSS has not only helped me to be more aware of the race/class/economic struggles that our program participants face, but also continues to challenge me to do the very best I can to serve underserved children and young adults.