Campus 2020-2021 Guide

Important Updates for the 2020-2021 Academic Year

Fall semester concludes Tuesday, November 24, just prior to Thanksgiving. All final papers and assessments will be designed so they can be done from home. 

Students who are leaving campus should follow these move-out procedures. Read the "Before Returning Home" guide compiled by the Dean of Students' Office. Students remaining on campus must abide by the updated Community Care Guidelines, which have been updated to reflect the public health conditions on campus and surrounding community. 

Spring semester will start with virtual Martin Luther King Day events Monday, Jan. 18, and classes will begin remotely on Tues., Jan. 19, in order to allow for safe move-in and testing. In-person and hybrid classes will begin Mon., Feb. 1. 

As we did this fall, we will emphasize flexibility for students and families in the spring semester.  We plan to welcome all students who wish to study on campus to be here, while also supporting those students who choose to study remotely.  Our courses will, again, provide instruction in a mixture of hybrid, in-person and remote modes.  All students should inform the College of their plans for the spring semester via the Spring Semester '21 Intention form by Friday, Dec. 4.  (If students need to change their plans after this date, it will still be possible to do so.)

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Learn more about the new Wooster Plus Program, which creates flexibility for students by providing the opportunity to complete their studies at Wooster in a ninth or tenth semester, tuition free.

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